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Discussions Vs. Clarifications Vs. Communications, And Agency Discretion (Post-Award Protest Primer #12)

USA - December 5 2017 In our last post, we looked at the most common protest grounds related to discussions: lack of meaningful discussions, misleading discussions, and…

Daniel Chudd

Five million reasons for government contracts lawyers to assist with the acquisition of companies that perform government contracts

USA - June 8 2022 Due diligence is an important preliminary step before one company acquires another or an investor puts millions behind an existing firm. When a…

Alissandra Young McCann, Damien Specht

Post-Award Protest Primer: Part 3

USA - July 13 2017 Now that we’ve discussed the award letter and debriefings, we’ll move on to next steps: timeliness of initial protest filings and the protest timeline…

Daniel Chudd

SBA Issues Wide-Ranging Final Rule Addressing Government Contracting Programs

USA - October 16 2020 The Small Business Administration (SBA) today issued a significant final rule addressing numerous issues of interest to Federal contractors. With one…

Damien Specht

Post-Award Protest Primer: Part 2

USA - July 6 2017 You just received an email: “We appreciate your interest in the XYZ procurement. The Agency determined that your proposal did not represent the best…

Daniel Chudd