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Five million reasons for government contracts lawyers to assist with the acquisition of companies that perform government contracts

USA - June 8 2022 Due diligence is an important preliminary step before one company acquires another or an investor puts millions behind an existing firm. When a…

James A.Tucker, Damien Specht

May 2022 bid protest roundup: errors, subcontractors, bundling

USA - June 9 2022 His month's bid protest spotlight focuses on one recent U.S. Court of Federal Claims decision and two U.S. Government Accountability Office decisions…

SBA Finalizes Changes in How to Calculate Size for Various Programs

USA - June 8 2022 Earlier this week, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) issued a Final Rule adopting changes to how a concern calculates its number of…

James A.Tucker, Damien Specht