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Another Federal Court Decision Underscores the Importance of Preserving Attorney-Client Privilege and Protecting Work Product

USA - July 27 2021 Last year’s decision in In re: Capital One Customer Data Security Breach Litigation, E.D. Va., No. 1:19-md-02915, and the decision earlier this year…

Mark David McPherson

CLOUD Act Compliance: Key Takeaways for U.S. Companies from the U.S.-UK Executive Agreement

United Kingdom, USA - October 9 2019 A groundbreaking agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom will give rise to a streamlined process for UK law enforcement to request…

Peter T. Carey, John P. Carlin, Robert S. Litt, David A. Newman

The SEC gets tough on cybersecurity disclosure controls

USA - September 13 2021 By now, it’s well known that there is a new sheriff in town at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Gary Gensler’s SEC has already left…

David M. Lynn, Haimavathi V. Marlier, Miriam H. Wugmeister

Preserving Data from Personal Devices and Third-Party Messaging Platforms - What Companies Need to Know

USA - December 12 2022 Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Lisa Monaco’s September 15, 2022, memorandum on revisions to the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Corporate Enforcement…

Carrie H. Cohen, Edward A. Imperatore, James M. Koukios, Stacey M. Sprenkel

A MoFo Privacy Minute Q&A (5 August 2021)

USA - August 5 2021 This is A MoFo Privacy Minute, where we will answer the questions our clients are asking us in sixty seconds or less. Question: I heard that the…

Kristen J. Mathews, Alex van der Wolk, Alja Poler De Zwart