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Fourth Circuit Addresses Whether the CDA Bars Fair Credit Reporting Act Claims Against Online Background Report Site

USA - November 15 2022 Online background report providers have proliferated on the Internet. Consumers with claims against these sites arising under the Fair Credit…

Michael Burshteyn, Dillon Kraus, J. Alexander Lawrence

Ninth Circuit Interprets FOSTA Restriction on Section 230 Narrowly

USA - October 28 2022 On October 24, the Ninth Circuit ruled that Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act shielded Reddit Inc. from liability under the Trafficking…

Dillon Kraus, J. Alexander Lawrence

Supreme Court to Address Section 230 for First Time

USA - October 7 2022 On October 3, 2022, the United States Supreme Court granted certiorari in Gonzalez v. Google LLC, No. 21-1333, to address the scope of Section 230 of…

Dillon Kraus, J. Alexander Lawrence

Coalition of State Attorneys General Investigate Tiktok’s Potential Harm to Children and Teens

European Union, USA - May 17 2022 In early March 2022, a coalition of state Attorneys General launched an investigation of TikTok to determine whether the social media platform, which…

Julie O'Neill, Anthony M. Ramirez

Social Links: behavioral targeting under scrutiny from lawmakers

USA - April 4 2022 Lawmakers on Capitol Hill continue to take aim at social media platforms that collect and use personal information that build algorithms to target…

Julie O'Neill, Anthony M. Ramirez