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Recent EU Initiatives Focus on Sustainability, Forced Labor

European Union - November 16 2022 At the EU level, three significant texts aimed at reinforcing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) compliance among corporations are currently…

Charles Herzecke

EU Guidance for Businesses on Forced Labour Corporate Due Diligence

European Union - August 24 2021 The European Commission and the European External Action Service issued Guidance on Due Diligence for EU Businesses to Address the Risk of Forced…

Jessica Gordon, Chris Warren-Smith

Incoming Changes for Corporate ESG Accountability in European Union

European Union - August 2 2021 Companies doing businesses in the European Union should note an important development that could introduce a duty of care for companies. On 10 March…

Jessica Gordon, Chris Warren-Smith

What to Know When Terminating Contracts Governed by French Law or Involving French Parties

France - September 14 2020 Article L. 442-1 II of the French Commercial Code, implemented in 1996 (and recently modified), prohibits the sudden termination of an established…

Alexandre Bailly

Recognition and Enforcement in France of Foreign Arbitral Awards Set Aside in Their State of Origin

France - September 14 2020 Historically, French law is very favorable to arbitration, and to international arbitration in particular. It is against this background that it has…

Alexandre Bailly