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Smart Legal Contracts under the Legal Framework in England and Wales

United Kingdom - January 27 2022 The Law Commission of England and Wales has published a detailed analysis of the application of existing law to smart legal contracts and concluded…

Mike Pierides

New York Attorney General Releases Guide on Credential Stuffing Attacks

USA - January 27 2022 We have heard time and time again that we should not reuse passwords across accounts—if a cybercriminal were to obtain access to the password of one…

Ezra D. Church, Mike Pierides

UK Government's Tech Investment Drive in 2022

European Union, United Kingdom - January 21 2022 Investment in UK technology companies continues apace, with 2021 marking another record year. The UK government announced in December 2021 that the…

Joanna Christoforou, James Mulligan, Mike Pierides

UK Auto-Renewal Consumer Subscription Terms Come Under Scrutiny

United Kingdom - January 19 2022 The UK government is considering responses to its proposed reforms to auto-subscription rules for consumer contracts, as part of a broader…

Joanna Christoforou, James Mulligan, Mike Pierides

Artificial Intelligence and UK Intellectual Property Consultation: Copyright and Patents

United Kingdom - January 12 2022 The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) in the United Kingdom just closed a consultation on policy options for changes to patent and copyright…

Mike Pierides