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Key Strategies and Considerations for Chinese Companies Preparing for and Responding to a Subpoena

China, USA - December 27 2021 It is the prerogative of government authorities—US and non-US alike—to demand information from individuals or organizations and seek the assistance…

Frank G. Lamancusa, K. Lesli Ligorner, Zane David Memeger

US and EU Russia Sanctions Update—US/EU (& UK) Overview (and Russian Countersanctions)

European Union, Russia, USA - September 9 2021 The still evolving US sanctions (as well as the EU and now also separate UK sanctions) continue to challenge Russia-related business. The sanctions…

Jonathan H. Hines, Andrey Ignatenko, Bruce Johnston, Carl A. Valenstein, Brian L. Zimbler

New Executive Order Carries Forward, Expands Chinese Military Company Sanctions

China, USA - June 8 2021 The new Executive Order continues the policy of prohibiting US persons' transactions in the publicly traded securities of select Chinese companies…

Joy Crutcher Harrison, Katelyn M. Hilferty, Ethan W. Johnson, Timothy W. Levin, Kenneth J. Nunnenkamp, Steven W. Stone

Overview and Implications of the Interim Final Rule Implementing Executive Order 13873

USA - February 10 2021 LawFlash Executive Order 13873 focused on securing the information and communications technology and services supply chain against transactions…

Patricia Catherine Cave, JiaZhen Guo, Kenneth J. Nunnenkamp

Update on EO 13959 Prohibiting Transactions in Securities of Chinese Military Companies

China, USA - February 1 2021 President Trump's Executive Order Addressing the Threat from Securities Investments that Finance Communist Chinese Military Companies (EO 13959)…

JiaZhen Guo, Kenneth J. Nunnenkamp