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Challenging times: attacks on an arbitrator’s impartiality

Singapore - February 20 2014 The prospect of litigating in the local courts of one's counterparty can induce fear. Those courts may be perceived as inefficient or costly; their…

Timothy Cooke

Party autonomy – whither the Pendulum II

Hong Kong - December 11 2013 In our last issue, we examined the principle of party autonomy as a cornerstone of arbitration, with courts upholding the policy of minimal curial…

Timothy Cooke

Party autonomy - whither the pendulum?

Singapore - November 6 2013 The prevailing wisdom in many arbitration-friendly jurisdictions, including Singapore, is that courts should intervene in the arbitral process only…

Timothy Cooke

Globalisation - when the merry-go-round stops

Singapore - October 7 2013 The term "globalisation" is associated with expansion and the free movement of capital and resources. Funds raised in Country A can be invested in a…

Justin Yip

The matrix revisited - Sembcorp Marine Ltd v. PPL Holdings Pte Ltd in the Court of Appeal

Singapore - September 4 2013 In our July 2012 issue, we explored the impact of the case of Sembcorp Marine Ltd v PPL Holdings Pte Ltd [2012] 3 SLR 801 on the implication of…

Daniel Chia