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Bank's duty of care to investor: Deutsche Bank AG v Chang Tse Wen [2012] SGHC 248

Singapore - January 10 2013 It has now been several years since the notorious financial derivative called the accumulator has become generally known as "kill you later". The High…

Justin Yip

Killing 2 birds with 1 stone: the conceptual double derivative action comes to life

Singapore, United Kingdom - June 10 2013 The separate legal entity doctrine means that a company can sue in its own name for a wrong done to it. Where a solvent company is unable to bring an…

Daniel Chia

Court of Appeal finds duty of care owed by solicitor to client’s sons

Singapore - July 30 2014 In Anwar Patrick Adrian v Ng Chong & Hue LLC [2014] SGCA 34 the Court of Appeal (CA) addressed the issue of whether a solicitor owed a duty of care…

In-house counsel - is regulation the way to go for Singapore?

Singapore - October 2 2012 In his keynote address at the Singapore 13th In-House Congress on 11 September 2012, Singapore’s newly appointed Attorney-General, the Honourable Steven Chong S.C., expressed his view that the regulation of in-house counsel is something to be encouraged, or at least seriously considered.

Justin Yip

The matrix revisited - Sembcorp Marine Ltd v. PPL Holdings Pte Ltd in the Court of Appeal

Singapore - September 4 2013 In our July 2012 issue, we explored the impact of the case of Sembcorp Marine Ltd v PPL Holdings Pte Ltd [2012] 3 SLR 801 on the implication of…

Daniel Chia