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EU Parliament Allows Consumers to Pursue EU Wide Collective Actions

European Union - November 25 2020 The EU Parliament has approved the EU Council’s position on representative actions. By doing so, it has paved the way for consumers in Europe to be…

Robert Bolgar-Smith, Chris Warren-Smith

What to Know When Terminating Contracts Governed by French Law or Involving French Parties

France - September 14 2020 Article L. 442-1 II of the French Commercial Code, implemented in 1996 (and recently modified), prohibits the sudden termination of an established…

Xavier Haranger

Recognition and Enforcement in France of Foreign Arbitral Awards Set Aside in Their State of Origin

France - September 14 2020 Historically, French law is very favorable to arbitration, and to international arbitration in particular. It is against this background that it has…

Xavier Haranger

EU Parliament and Council Agree to Allow Consumers to Pursue EU-Wide Collective Actions

European Union - June 26 2020 Negotiators from the EU Parliament and Council reached an agreement on 22 June on the Collective Redress Directive (Directive), which will allow…

Robert Bolgar-Smith, Nicola Kelly, Chris Warren-Smith

COVID-19 and Force Majeure Under French Law

France - April 6 2020 The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in France has led to travel bans and restrictions, including the quarantine of individuals. These measures have…

Xavier Haranger