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NRC Altering Population Siting Guidance for Advanced Reactors

USA - July 25 2022 In a 2-1 vote, NRC Commissioners have approved a new approach for evaluating where reactors can be sited in the United States, opening the door to…

Jane Accomando, Wendy Simon-Pearson

Update on US Nuclear Industry Export Restrictions to Russia

Russia, USA - May 23 2022 It’s getting harder to send anything from the US to Russia, including radioactive materials and nuclear-related equipment. Below are some recent…

Grant W. Eskelsen

Senators Introduce Legislation to Ban Imports of Russian Uranium; Russia Reportedly Considers Mirror Ban

Russia, USA - March 22 2022 A group of four US Senators introduced a bill on March 16 to ban imports of uranium products from the Russian Federation. If enacted, such a ban…

Scott D. Clausen, Grant W. Eskelsen, Timothy P. Matthews

AUKUS Alliance: US and UK to Help Australia Acquire Nuclear-Powered Submarines

Global - February 11 2022 The United States, United Kingdom, and Australia have signed a historic agreement that will allow Australia to operate—and potentially…

Giovanna M. Cinelli, Heather C. Sears

2021 Year in Review: Climate Change

Global, USA - January 20 2022 The global impact of our planet's changing climate garnered significant attention in 2021. The United States rejoined the Paris Agreement at the…

Felipe Alice, Olivier Chambord, Scott D. Clausen, Meredith L. Compton, Ella Foley Gannon, Kirstin E. Gibbs, Douglas A. Hastings, Duke K. McCall, III, Jennifer A. Josefson, Timothy P. Matthews, Levi McAllister, Georgia M. Quenby, Rick R. Rothman, J. Daniel Skees, Carl A. Valenstein