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Blockchain Basics for…Lawyers

USA - July 9 2018 Just when we finally figured out how to contract for “cloud” services and SaaS, here comes blockchain—the next disruptor for IT, businesses and, yes…

Barbara Murphy Melby

How Will California’s Tough New Data Privacy Law Impact Tech Companies?

USA - July 18 2018 What does California’s new privacy law mean for companies and consumers? When California Assembly Bill 375 (AB 375), also known as the California…

Barbara Murphy Melby

Contract Corner: 10 Issues to Consider When Implementing an ERP System

USA - July 31 2018 When in-house lawyers start thinking about how to support a business client that is looking to implement a new or replacement enterprise resource…

Barbara Murphy Melby

Do Your Homework: Cybersecurity Considerations When Leveraging Cloud-Based Outsourcing Solutions

USA - July 10 2018 Cybersecurity remains at the top of the list of risk concerns when organizations outsource IT and other functions leveraging cloud-based solutions…

Barbara Murphy Melby

European Banking Authority Issues Recommendations for Outsourcing to Cloud Service Providers

European Union - August 1 2018 European financial institutions (competent authorities, credit institutions, and investment firms as defined in EU Regulation No. 575/2013…

Barbara Murphy Melby