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Contract Corner: Divestiture Provisions in Software License and Services ContractsNot a Big Deal Until You Need Them

USA - July 29 2020 Adding corporate flexibility to IT-related commercial contracts can make seemingly unrelated mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions a bit less...

Barbara Murphy Melby.

IoT Takes a Village: BSA Releases Policy Principles

USA - July 22 2020 The Business Software Alliance (BSA) recently endorsed principles for building trust in the Internet of Things (IoT), highlighting the need for a...

Barbara Murphy Melby.

Contract Corner: Vendor Financial Viability Provisions - the New Normal?

USA - July 14 2020 Although many companies are already revisiting contractual provisions relating to nonperformance, like force majeure clauses, as the coronavirus...

Barbara Murphy Melby.

Contract Corner: IP Indemnification - Third-Party Product Exceptions

USA - July 9 2020 In a prior series of posts, we discussed issues relating to intellectual property indemnification, including some exceptions, remedies, and...

Barbara Murphy Melby.

Next Generation Supplier Diversity Programs: Is It Time to Relook and Reimagine?

USA - July 6 2020 In the wake of the reinvigorated call for equality and greater diversity and inclusion, many companieslargely through their procurement...

Barbara Murphy Melby.