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English Jurisdiction and Enforcement Post-Brexit: Where Are We Now?

European Union, United Kingdom - August 5 2021 The legal framework for jurisdiction and enforcement of judgments as between England1 and EU Member States has changed significantly following the…

Tom Canning, William Charles, Charles Evans

The disclosure pilot scheme: an update on the key disclosure concepts

United Kingdom - June 15 2021 Effective since 1 January 2019, CPR Practice Direction 51U introduced a pilot scheme (the “Pilot Scheme”) changing the operation of disclosure in…

William Charles, Conrad Marinkovic

Cryptoassets may be ‘hot property’, but are they property under English law?

United Kingdom - March 25 2020 A number of recent decisions in the English courts, combined with a recent legal statement by the UK Jurisdiction Taskforce ("UKJT"), have clarified…

William Charles, Mona Vaswani

The Disclosure Pilot Scheme: One year on

United Kingdom - February 28 2020 Effective from 1 January 2019, Practice Direction 51U introduced a two-year pilot scheme (the “Pilot Scheme”) that changed how disclosure operates in…

Tom Canning, Conrad Marinkovic

Security for costs - recent developments

United Kingdom - August 8 2017 The last 18 months has seen several important developments in the case law relating to applications for security for costs. This article seeks to…

Tom Canning