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Lessons from TDAM’s victory in rare securities class action trial

Canada - September 2 2022 It is exceptionally rare for class actions to proceed to trial in Canada. There are many reasons why most certified class actions settle in advance…

Kevan Hanowski, Jill Yates

ACVM publient rapport sur l’application de la loi pour 2021

Canada - July 13 2022 Les Autorités canadiennes en valeurs mobilières (« ACVM ») ont récemment publié leur rapport annuel sur l’application de la Loi sur les activités de…

Wendy Berman, Jonathan Nehmetallah, Sean D. Sadler, Rene Sorell

CSA Releases Enforcement Report for 2021

Canada - July 11 2022 The Canadian Securities Administrators (“CSA”) recently released its annual report on the enforcement activities of its members (the “Report”). The…

Wendy Berman, Jonathan Nehmetallah, Sean D. Sadler, Rene Sorell

OSC Issues Orders Against Foreign Crypto Trading Platforms KuCoin and ByBit

Canada - June 24 2022 On June 22, 2022, the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) released reasons in its first two decisions against operators of foreign-domiciled crypto…

Ana Badour, Rene Sorell, Lori Stein, Sonia J. Struthers

Business NFT tokenization and its legal implications in Canada

Canada, USA - June 16 2022 Can you breach securities law by trading or issuing non-fungible tokens (NFTs)? An individual was recently arrested in the US for insider trading in…

Ana Badour, Pierre-Gabriel Grégoire, Rene Sorell, Lori Stein