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Marking the Boundaries of Permissive Searches at the Border - Routine Searches of Personal Devices No Longer Permitted Under the Customs Act

Canada - January 11 2021 Is the Canada Border Service Agency (“CBSA”) entitled to “examine any goods,” including personal devices such as smart phones, of travellers at the…

John W. Boscariol, Stéphane Duval, Kishan Lakhani, Brian Lipson, Andrew Matheson, Shana Wolch

Obtaining Marevas During Times of Increased Fraud

Canada - June 18 2020 Unique circumstances created by COVID-19 have broadened companies’ exposure to employee and counter-party fraud. Fraud risk has increased due to…

Miranda Lam, Julie-Martine Loranger, Andrew Matheson, Daniel Thomas, Shana Wolch, Susan Wortzman

Avoiding a trip from legal edibles to product liability class actions

Canada - May 19 2020 Cannabis edibles present cannabis producers with the opportunity to innovate and develop a diverse range of cannabis delivery methods for their…

Rami Chalabi, Ranjeev Dhillon, Shane C. D'Souza

The corporate identification doctrine clarified through an intervention in the Supreme Court of Canada

Canada - May 21 2019 A corporation is of course an abstract entity. It is a legal person, but can only act through human beings. Certain causes of action, such as fraud…

Geoff R. Hall, Anu Koshal

Jurisdiction is, well, Jurisdiction: in Up v Hungary the ICSID Arbitral Tribunal Refuses to Follow Achmea

European Union - November 22 2018 The decision of the European Court of Justice (“CJEU”) in Slovak Republic v. Achmea BV (“Achmea”) held that intra-EU bilateral investment treaties…

Simon V. Potter