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COVID-19 Update: Moving Forward - Considerations for the Re-Opening of Physical Workplaces

Canada, USA - April 29 2020 Governments and businesses have now begun to turn their minds toward the re-opening of the economy and physical workplaces. This past week, for…

Matthew Demeo, Marco Fimiani, Meghan Hillstrom, Trevor Lawson, Tim Lawson, Kate McNeill-Keller, Donovan Plomp, Ben Ratelband, Jacques Rousse, Shana Wolch

COVID-19: Emergency Measures Tracker

Canada - March 21 2020 In light of the outbreak of COVID-19, our team is closely monitoring updates from governments across Canada as they respond to the pandemic. The…

David Boire-Schwab, Jean-Simon Castonguay, Matthew Demeo, Marco Fimiani, Adam Goldenberg, Meghan Hillstrom, Carolyn Lee, Nicole Naglie, Lauren Soubolsky

COVID-19 Update - Things to Think About When Contemplating Workforce Adjustments or Reductions

USA - March 15 2020 COVID-19 and the resulting social distancing, self-isolation and quarantine directives have forced businesses to make hard decisions in the interest…

Kate McNeill-Keller, Patrick Pengelly, Monique Ronning, Simmy Sahdra

Managing through COVID-19: What to Think About When Considering Temporary Layoffs

Canada - March 15 2020 COVID-19 continues to have an immense impact on Canadian workplaces resulting in uncertain consequences for the workplace. Given the economic…

Danielle Douglas, Marco Fimiani, Meghan Hillstrom, Kate McNeill-Keller, Lauren Soubolsky

Cinq points que les employeurs sous réglementation fédérale doivent absolument savoir au sujet de la nouvelle Loi canadienne sur l’accessibilité

Canada - August 15 2019 La Loi canadienne sur l’accessibilité (ci-après la « Loi »), qui est entrée en vigueur le 11 juillet 2019[1], a pour objectif de faire du Canada un…

Justine Lindner