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Working on the Chain: Lessons from the COVID-19 Era

Canada - June 14 2021 COVID-19 has created numerous supply chain issues, which continue to be top of mind for leaders across many industries as companies navigate new and…

Ranjeev Dhillon, Martha Harrison, Kate McNeill-Keller, Debbie Salzberger

Modifications aux exigences de Transports Canada en matière d'avis de défaut et de non-conformité : vous allez certainement vouloir vous en « rappeler »

Canada - July 26 2019 Le 10 juillet 2019, le Gouvernement du Canada a modifié le Règlement sur la sécurité des véhicules automobiles (« RSVA ») par la publication dans la…

Tim Lawson, Brian Lipson

Changes to Transport Canada Notice Requirements for Defects and Non-Compliance: You Will Want to “Recall” These At Some Point

Canada - July 26 2019 On July 10, 2019, the Government of Canada’s most recent amendments to the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations (“MVSR”) were published in the Canada…

Tim Lawson, Brian Lipson

You’ll Know it When You See it: Money Laundering in Luxury Cars in British Columbia

Canada, USA - May 16 2019 On Tuesday May 7, 2019, the Government of British Columbia published its Second Report (the “Report”) on money laundering in the province of British…

Ana Badour, Akiva Stern

Quebec Amends Highway Safety Code to Include Provisions Governing Autonomous Vehicles

Canada - May 19 2018 On April 18, 2018, the Parliament of Québec adopted Bill No. 165, a reform of the Québec Highway Safety Code (“HSC”). As we have previously noted…

David F. Blair, Brian Lipson