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Federal Court of Appeal Confirms MEG Energy Does Not Infringe An Invalid Patent

Canada - June 24 2022 The Federal Court of Appeal (“FCA”) dismissed the Appellants’ (“Mr. Swist’s”) appeal in Swist v. Meg Energy Corp.,this week in favor of MEG…

Timothy St. J. Ellam, James S. S. Holtom, Naina Khanna, Steven Tanner

PMPRB Update: Major Aspects of Proposed Amendments Found Unconstitutional

Canada - February 25 2022 The Quebec Court of Appeal released this week a significant decision on the proposed amendments to the Patented Medicines Regulations (“PM…

Fiona Legere, David Tait

Mining in the Courts, Vol. XI

Canada - March 9 2021 The highest profile duty to consult case this past year was the Federal Court of Appeal's decision in Coldwater First Nation v. Canada (Attorney…

Caroline-Ariane Bernier, Mathieu Bernier-Trudeau, Meghan S. Bridges, Lindsay Burgess, Aidan L. Cameron, Tracey Doyle, Timothy St. J. Ellam, Gabriel Faure, Marco Fimiani, Bryn Gray, Kathryn Gullason, James S. S. Holtom, Alexis Hudon, Miranda Lam, Selina Lee-Andersen, Justine Lindner, Gabrielle G. Maurer, Ben Ratelband, Steven Tanner, Daniel Thomas, François Alexandre Toupin

2019 Year in Review: Technology, Cybersecurity, Privacy, and IP

Global - January 31 2020 2019 proved to be another eventful year for technology, privacy, cybersecurity, and intellectual property law. For the first time in several years…

Sarah Ferguson, Conrad Lee

PMPRB Draft Guidelines Published for Stakeholder Consultation

Canada - January 6 2020 The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (“PMPRB” or the “Board”) has published Draft Guidelines for public consultation, which are intended to…

Fiona Legere, Sanjaya Mendis, Edwin Mok