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Privacy Legislation Overhaul: Canada Takes a Second Shot at the CPPA

Canada - June 16 2022 In a second attempt at overhauling Canada’s federal privacy legislation, today Canada’s Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry…

Jade Buchanan, Daniel G.C. Glover, Karine Joizil, Charles S. Morgan

2021/2022 Bilan et perspectives en Cyber/Données: Actions collectives et litiges en matière d’atteinte à la protection des données au Canada

Canada - February 16 2022 En octobre 2020, les modifications apportées à la Loi de 1992 sur les recours collectifs de l’Ontario sont entrées en vigueur, mettant en œ…

Cassidy Bishop, Gillian P. Kerr, Heather Mallabone, Isabelle Vendette

2021/2022 Cyber/Data Outlook: Data Breach Class Actions and Litigation in Canada

Canada - February 8 2022 In October 2020, amendments to the Ontario Class Proceedings Act, 1992 came into force, implementing a number of substantive and procedural changes…

Cassidy Bishop, Gillian P. Kerr, Heather Mallabone, Isabelle Vendette

Getting cyber insurance right: 5 practical tips

Canada - June 9 2021 Having good cyber insurance coverage is an important component of managing enterprise-level risk, and getting it right has never been more important…

Daniel G.C. Glover, Charles S. Morgan

Sequencing in B.C.: Court of Appeal Rejects Presumption that Certification Goes First

Canada - June 7 2021 Last month we wrote about the ongoing debate in British Columbia over sequencing of certification and other applications in class actions. Now, the B…

Patrick Williams