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Privacy Legislation Overhaul: Canada Takes a Second Shot at the CPPA

Canada - June 16 2022 In a second attempt at overhauling Canada’s federal privacy legislation, today Canada’s Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry…

Jade Buchanan, Katherine Booth, Daniel G.C. Glover, Charles S. Morgan

Evidence, an elementary principle at the authorization stage of a class action

Canada - May 31 2022 The widespread belief of our Quebec jurisdiction in class actions reflects the image of a paradise for any plaintiff at the authorization stage. In…

Bianca Annie Marcelin, Maude St-Georges

Could AI get you sued? Artificial intelligence and litigation risk

Canada - April 26 2022 To maximize hiring efficiency, your business has decided to employ artificially intelligent technology to scope out job applicants and recommend top…

Sherry Ghaly, Adam Goldenberg

La preuve, un principe élémentaire en matière d’autorisation d’une action collective

Canada - April 26 2022 La croyance répandue en matière d’actions collectives reflète l’image de notre juridiction québécoise comme étant un paradis pour tout demandeur à…

Bianca Annie Marcelin, Maude St-Georges

ELXN 44: What is Old is New Again - The ‘New’ Trudeau Government’s Impact on Your Business

Canada - October 27 2021 On October 5, 2021, our Strategic Advisory Group hosted “#ELXN44: What is Old is New Again - The ‘New’ Trudeau Government’s Impact on Your Business”…

Jean Charest, Rhea Evans, Gillian P. Kerr, Katia Piccoli, Kevin Lee Pinkoski, Wayne G. Wouters, Paul Zed