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Best Practices to Adopt in Reaction to the Unauthorized Communication or Retrieval of Privileged Information

Canada - September 19 2022 Case law and Codes of conduct across Canada have cemented the principles guiding how parties should behave when privileged documents are communicated…

Iulia A. Anescu, David Boire-Schwab

Trio of Recent Supreme Court of Canada Decisions Signals Provinces Cannot Impede Federal Undertakings under the Guise of Environmental Protection

Canada - April 22 2020 On April 16, 2020, the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed an application to appeal a judgment rendered by the Québec Court of Appeal in 2019 regarding…

Dominique Amyot-Bilodeau, Jean-Philippe Mathieu, Patrick Ostiguy

A Province Cannot Compel Internet Service Providers to Block Access to Websites: Online Communications Fall Under Exclusive Federal Jurisdiction

Canada - June 25 2021 In Procureur général du Québec v Association canadienne des télécommunications sans fil, 2021 QCCA 730, the Quebec Court of Appeal confirms that a…

Simon Bouthillier, Charles S. Morgan

The need for a legal ground to stand on: a shareholders class action is dismissed at the authorization stage for failure to meet article 1003 b) C.p.c. (Groupe d’action d’investisseurs dans Biosyntech c. Tsang, 2015 QCCS 3265)

Canada - August 17 2015 In the spring of 2010, BioSyntech, a start-up biotechnology company, developing a cartilage-repair product, BST-Car Gel, filed a Notice of Intention…

Sean Griffin, Emira Tufo

Class action in neighborhood disturbances in Québec : has the wind turned ?

Canada - May 21 2015 On April 8, 2015, Justice Johanne April dismissed a Motion for authorization of a class action in neighborhood disturbances concerning the…

Jérémie-Nicolas Moisan, Julie Pamerleau