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The Dawn of AI Law: The Canadian Government Introduces Legislation to Regulate Artificial Intelligence in Canada

Canada - July 11 2022 Following a global trend in artificial intelligence (“AI”) regulation, which has taken momentum in the U.S. and the EU, Canadian legislators appear…

Jonathan Jacob Adessky, Matthew M. Gallagher, Jerry Lan, Charles S. Morgan

U.S. House and Senate Reintroduce the Algorithmic Accountability Act Intended to Regulate AI

USA - April 8 2022 On February 3, 2022, U.S. Democratic lawmakers introduced in both the Senate (S. 3572) and the House of Representatives (H. R. 6580) a bill titled the…

Jerry Lan, Charles S. Morgan

A Canadian Perspective on the EU’s Proposed Data Governance Act

Canada, European Union - February 8 2022 In February 2020, the European Commission (EC) published a Communication titled the European strategy for data where it outlined policy measures…

Jerry Lan, Charles S. Morgan

Quebec’s Bill 64 Introduces New Contractual Requirements for Transfers of Data

Canada - November 15 2021 This article is part of our Bill 64 Blog Series, which will provide readers with a 360° view on Bill 64 and its sweeping amendments to Quebec’s Act…

Philippe April, Michael Scherman

Le projet de loi 64 du Québec introduit de nouvelles exigences contractuelles pour les transferts de données

Canada - November 15 2021 Cet article fait partie de notre série de blogues sur le projet de Loi 64, qui vise à donner aux lecteurs une vue d’ensemble du projet de Loi et des…

Philippe April, Michael Scherman