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Overview of Individual Taxation in Switzerland

Switzerland - February 11 2019 Individuals are subject to several taxes on federal as well as on cantonal and communal levels, such as income tax, wealth tax, withholding tax...

Samuel Bussmann, Andreas Müller, Christoph Rechsteiner, Dr. Walter Frei, Claudia Jenni.

Public vs. Private Ledger

Switzerland - July 4 2019 Digitalization is one of the most important pillars of innovative business activities and in the longer term, it contributes to the competitiveness...

Dr. Luka Müller, Stephan Meyer, Andreas Rudolf, Sarah Vettiger, Aurelia Nick.

BEPS Action 1: Addressing the Tax Challenges of the Digital Economy

OECD, Global - May 3 2016 Political leaders, media outlets, and civil society around the world have expressed growing concern about tax planning by multinational enterprises...

Germany to regulate crypto assets as of 1 January 2020

European Union, Germany - December 18 2019 In July 2019, the German Federal Government published the Government Draft for the implementation of the amending directive to the 4th EU Money...

Lucy Gordon, Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer, Dr. Luka Müller, Michèle Landtwing Leupi, Raphael Brunner, Dr. Andreas Glarner, Marcel Hostettler, Pascal Hauser, Lukas Hoenig, Romedi Ganzoni.

FTA Working Paper on Crypto Currencies and ICOs

Switzerland - August 27 2019 On 27 August 2019, the Federal Tax Administration (FTA) published a working paper on crypto currencies and ICOsITOs as the subject of wealth, income...

Christoph Rechsteiner.