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The Future of Transfer of Personal Data from the EU / Switzerland to the USA (and other third countries)

European Union, Switzerland, USA - September 24 2020 With the groundbreaking Schrems II ruling, the ECJ has overturned the US-EU Privacy Shield, whereas, in principle, the transfer of data to a…

Linus Hug, Michael Kunz

Zukunft der Übertragung von Personendaten von den EU / der Schweiz in die USA (und andere Drittländer) - MME - DSGVO / DSG

European Union, Switzerland, USA - September 23 2020 Mit dem wegweisenden Schrems II Urteil hat der EuGH den "US-EU Privacy Shield" gekippt, wogegen ein aussereuropäischer Datentransfer grundsätzlich…

Linus Hug, Michael Kunz

Registration of generic Top Level Domains (gTLD)

Global - June 30 2020 When ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) opened the first application window for registration of new so-called generic Top…

Martin Eckert, Nadira Ferhat, Dr. Andreas Glarner, Luca Hitz, Michael Kunz, Dr. Bernhard Meyer, Tanja Müller, Dr. Tamara Teves, Gabriela Thut-Wermelinger


Global - June 25 2020 The World Intellectual Property Organization launched end of May the new WIPO PROOF, complementing the Organizations existing intellectual property…

Martin Eckert, Dr. Andreas Glarner, Luca Hitz, Urs Isenegger, Stefan Keller, Peter Kuhn, Michael Kunz, Romina Lauper, Dr. Tamara Teves

FAQ regarding Cloud Computing Contracts in Switzerland - MME - Cloud-Computing

Switzerland - June 25 2020 Cloud computing contracts can be focused on the processing of data residing in the cloud, or can be regarded as contracts of the SaaS category…

Dr. Martin Eckert, Luca Hitz, Michael Kunz, Tanja Müller