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Corona virus blocks air freight to and from China

China - February 2 2020 Several Airlines have suspended their flights to China. British Airways is currently not flying to China and will reassess the situation on 29…

Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer, Raphael Brunner.

Import + export of medical equipment

European Union - March 27 2020 Imports of protective clothing and other protective material for the population (e.g. hygiene masks, disposable gloves, protective gowns), which are…

Raphael Brunner.

Swiss and US Export Controls also Cover the Transfer of Intangible Technology

Switzerland, USA - August 20 2019 The Swiss SECO has published a guidance document covering the topic of intangible technology transfer. Reason may be the increasing number of…

Chris Gschwend, Dr. Anna Wehrmüller, Dr. Mónika Molnár, Peter Henschel, Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer, Raphael Brunner.

Force Majeure in Contract Law

Switzerland - April 6 2020 The economic effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) are becoming increasingly evident: the consequences of ordered business closures and the ban on…

Luca Hitz, Michelle Wiki, Peter Kuhn, Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer, Raphael Brunner.

Brexit: The Impact on Customs Operations and Export Controls for Swiss Companies

European Union, Switzerland, United Kingdom - December 10 2020 On January 31, 2020, the UK left the EU. However, a country leaving the EU is not a simple business transaction which may be executed on the “closing…

Chris Gschwend, Peter Henschel, Raphael Brunner.