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Virtual currencies in Switzerland

Switzerland - May 31 2019 A structured guide to virtual currency laws is Switzerland

Stephan Meyer

Gaming in Switzerland

Switzerland - August 1 2019 A structured guide to gaming law in Switzerland, including licensing requirements, anti-money laundering regulations, advertising, labour and employment, taxes and cross-border issues.

Alexandra Körner, Sophie Schmid

Restricting online sales in distribution agreements

Switzerland - August 22 2017 The competition rules applying on traditional "terrestrial" distribution models have been discussed over time in length. With ecommerce on its march…

Martin Eckert, Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer

Procedure for cancelling a trademark due to non-use

Switzerland - December 23 2016 From 1 January 2017, it will be possible to apply to the Federal Institute for Intellectual Property ("FIIP"), through a simplified procedure, for…

Peter Ackermann, Martina Aepli, Martin Eckert, Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer, Gabriela Hauser-Spühler, Urs Isenegger, Peter Kuhn

Gaming law revision Switzerland: Overview on the decisions of the Parliament

Switzerland - March 27 2017 The Swiss Parliament deliberated on the new draft of a revised gambling law in two sessions takin place on 1 and 15 March 2017. A short overview on…