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I Want to Break Free…and Fix My Device Myself!: How One MP Wants to Allow for the Circumvention of Technological Protective Measures Under the Copyright Act

Canada - February 26 2021 Sheryl Crow sang "a change will do you good", and it's clear that the desire for changes to be made to Canada's Copyright Act (the "Act") are in the…

François Larose, Naomi Zener.

Time to Pay the Copyright Piper? A Digital Media Platform Copyright Reckoning for Journalists is Upon Us!

Canada - February 19 2021 On February 17, 2021, Senator Claude Carignan introduced a private members Bill in the Canadian Senate. The Bill, S-225 An Act to amend the Copyright…

François Larose, Naomi Zener.

Copyright Term Extension: To Life Plus 70 Years, But Not Beyond! Government Consultation on Copyright Term Extension Now Open

Canada - February 16 2021 Canada has taken new steps to expand the general term of copyright protection to 70 years following the death of the author, from 50. Such change…

François Larose, Naomi Zener.

For the Want of a Nail - Copyright Claims Fail When Plaintiffs Can’t Show Ownership

Canada - February 2 2021 When bringing a claim for copyright infringement, it is incumbent on plaintiffs to show a clear right to sue—either by virtue of a clear title…

François Larose, Martin Brandsma.

2019 Will Go Down in History as “The Year of Change” in Canadian Trademark Law Part III

Canada - January 15 2020 In this last installment of Bereskin & Parr’s summary of trademark developments in 2019, we review brand enforcement. During the year, Federal and…

Amrita V. Singh, Cynthia Rowden, François Larose, Jasmine Godfrey, Jonathan G. Colombo, R. Scott MacKendrick, William Audet.