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So You Invented an AI? Now what? (Part 2 of 2) - Episode 13

Canada - March 30 2021 In this podcast, join Bereskin and Parr's Paul Horbal, Paul Blizzard and Salesforce's Dan Harrison as they discuss Artificial intelligence and…

Paul Blizzard, Dan Harrison

When is There an “Actual Invention” Involving Computers?

Canada - February 2 2021 Good news for patent applicants with computer-implemented inventions: Canada's Patent Appeal Board (PAB) recently ruled that proposed claims in Yves…

Sunil Rao

2020 Engineering & Technology Year in Review

Canada - January 20 2021 2020 saw some notable developments relating to the patentability of software and computer-related inventions. Here, we review some of the key…

Sunil Rao, Yuen Lai Shek

Canadian Patent Office Issues Guidance to “Cooperate” With Inventors of Computer-Based Inventions

Canada - November 13 2020 To be patentable, an invention must meet four main criteria: it must be new, it cannot be obvious, it must be useful and, crucially, it must fall…

Christopher Kowal

Federal Court Rejects Patent Office’s Approach to Claim Construction: Music to the Ears of Patentees in the Medical Diagnostic and Computer-Related Fields

Canada - August 27 2020 The Canadian Intellectual Property Office’s (CIPO) approach to the question of patentable subject matter - what can be Patented - has been…

Ray Kovarik, Melanie Szweras