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Licensing in Canada

Canada - January 4 2019 A structured guide to licensing in Canada

Daniel R. Bereskin

Protecting and Navigating Intellectual Property for Artificial Intelligence Based Technologies

Canada - May 15 2018 Technological advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology are accelerating due to the combination of machine learning breakthroughs, increases…

Isi Caulder

Artificial Examiner: The Expanding Use of AI and ML software at Intellectual Property Offices (IPOs)

Global - July 26 2018 On February 8th, 2018 the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) released a summary of the replies given by national and regional IPOs about the…

Isi Caulder

PCT Office Moving Toward Standardization of Electronic Document Submissions

Canada, Global - December 18 2019 Patent attorneys are always concerned about the risk of document discrepancies arising when submitting electronic documents to patent offices. The…

Noel Courage

Q&A: key IP issues affecting licensing agreements in Canada

Canada - February 20 2020 This Q&A answers key questions surrounding IP rights in relation to licensing agreements in Canada, including registration requirements and enforcement against third parties.

Daniel R. Bereskin