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The Copyright Ownership Boomerang: Automatic Reversionary Interests in Canada

Canada - March 30 2022 In Canada, an author's assignment of their copyright ownership is not always a final disposition of rights. Section 14 of the Canadian Copyright Act…

François Larose, Tamara Céline Winegust, Naomi Zener

Ontario government launches IP agency to support innovators and increase IP value

Canada - March 18 2022 Ontario has been taking steps to improve its conversion of innovation to intellectual property (IP). For example, a government-appointed panel held…

Noel Courage, Tony Orsi

Defeat of the knight: no moral rights infringement for discounted sales of popular series of books

Canada - March 17 2022 In an interesting factual situation concerning the scope of moral rights, the Quebec Court of Appeal, in 91439 Canada ltée (Éditions de Mortagne) c…

François Larose

The Devil is in the Details: Copyright Claim Struck for Failure to Plead “Written” Licence

Canada - March 11 2022 As noted recently by Canada's Federal Court: "the Copyright Act is, at the risk of understatement, complex". Commencing a claim for copyright…

Martin Brandsma, Naomi Zener

A Losing Venture: Cost-Revenue Analysis Has Producers of Illicit Pre-Loaded Set-Top Boxes Coming Out $38M in the Red

Canada - March 4 2022 The most recent installment in a slew of high-damage award proceedings initiated by Canadian broadcasters, three Defendants implicated in the illicit…

Adam Bobker