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Share with Care! BC Court Allows Claim for Copyright Infringement Relating to Copied Links of Unlisted YouTube Videos to Proceed

Canada - May 11 2022 Simply because content is online does not mean it is necessarily free to use or “in the public domain”. In a current action finding its way through…

Adam Aucoin, Bruna D.D. Kalinoski, Naomi Zener

The Devil is in the Details: Copyright Claim Struck for Failure to Plead “Written” Licence

Canada - March 11 2022 As noted recently by Canada's Federal Court: "the Copyright Act is, at the risk of understatement, complex". Commencing a claim for copyright…

Mitchel Fleming, Naomi Zener

2021 Year in Review: IP Litigation

Canada - March 1 2022 Despite the continued pandemic making 2021 a year of ongoing challenges, Canadian Courts continued to issue significant decisions concerning…

Adam Bobker, Nyrie Israelian, Andrew McIntosh

Soundly Predicted, But Not Obvious: Validity of MS Drug Patent Upheld on Appeal

Canada - February 7 2022 In patent law, if the basis for a sound prediction comes from the common general knowledge, will that same common general knowledge render an…

Nyrie Israelian

Seal of Approval from Federal Court of Appeal in Jewelry Design Case

Canada - January 24 2022 The much-anticipated appeal decision in Pyrrha Design Inc. v. Plum and Posey Inc., 2022 FCA 7, gives strength to the principle that “the simpler a…

Mitchel Fleming, François Larose, Tamara Céline Winegust