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Bernie and his Marvelous Mittens. It’s all Good Fun Until a Copyright Lawyer Gets Involved

Canada - January 28 2021 If you live on Planet Earth and own a smartphone, computer or TV, you have probably already seen the viral meme of Senator Bernie Sanders birthed at…

Naomi Zener

Copyright and Privacy Legal Issues Resulting from the Rising Popularity of Artificial Intelligence Use

Canada - December 21 2020 More and more companies are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help them make sense of the data they are collecting. The…

Amanda Branch, Naomi Zener

Evidence of an electronic contract requires at the least a demonstration of its integrity

Canada - August 21 2017 The Superior Court of Québec recently ruled on the level of evidence required to prove the existence of an electronic contract. The plaintiff, M…

Amy Dam

Canadian Copyright 2020 Year in Review

Canada, Global - January 29 2021 Some may think that 2020 was the year of the world changed by COVID-19. However, we would like to pivot and reframe 2020 as the year that Canada's…

Martin Brandsma, Prudence Etkin, Naomi Zener

2021 Year in Review: Canadian Copyright

Canada - February 11 2022 For Copyright Law in Canada, 2021 will likely be seen as a year that sowed the seeds of development in this area—from forward-looking government…

Adam Aucoin, William Audet, Mitchel Fleming, Tamara Céline Winegust, Naomi Zener