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Licensing in Canada

Canada - January 4 2019 A structured guide to licensing in Canada

Paul Blizzard.

Are Trademark Surveys Worth the Cost?

Canada, United Kingdom, USA - June 20 2017 The probative value of a comprehensive trademark survey often does not justify the cost. Even a relatively inexpensive trademark survey of modest…

Interlocutory Injunctions and Irreparable Harm

Canada, United Kingdom, USA - September 21 2018 Interlocutory or interim injunctions are attractive to plaintiffs because the grant of an injunction often ends the litigation, at much less cost than…

Q&A: key IP issues affecting licensing agreements in Canada

Canada - February 20 2020 This Q&A answers key questions surrounding IP rights in relation to licensing agreements in Canada, including registration requirements and enforcement against third parties.

Paul Blizzard.

Sweeping changes to Canadian Trade-marks Act: at what cost to trademark owners?

Canada - April 1 2014 On March 28, 2014, the Canadian government proposed in Bill C-31, the Economic Action Plan 2014, No. 1, the most important changes to the Trade-marks…

R. Scott MacKendrick, Cynthia Rowden.