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Substantiating Environmental Claims in the Cleantech Industry

Canada - March 4 2021 “100% sustainable!” “Our product has the lowest environmental impact of any product on the market today!” As consumers become increasingly concerned…

Amanda Branch, Ian C. McMillan.

Protecting COVID IP from Cyber-Spies

Canada - May 27 2020 The scientific community has been invaluable in the fight against COVID-19. Companies, universities, hospitals and research institutes worldwide have…

Micheline Gravelle.

Potential Increase to Canadian Biologic Drug Data Protection Scratched from USMCA Free Trade Deal

Canada - December 19 2019 It is important for innovative drug companies to take advantage of available exclusivities, to ensure that they can recoup investment from the costly…

Noel Courage.

Another Round in the US CRISPR Patent Dispute

USA - September 17 2019 A further chapter in the ongoing US Patent battle between the University of California, Berkeley and the Broad Institute in their bids to obtain…

Carmela De Luca.

Patenting diagnostic methods in Canada: A glimmer of light from our southern neighbours?

Canada, USA - May 3 2019 Personalized medicine, where prevention, diagnosis, and/or treatment of disease is tailored to a particular individual, is becoming more and more…

Melanie Szweras.