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EU Singles Out FDI "Hostile Investors" For the First Time: Russia and Belarus

European Union - May 2 2022 The European Commission (the "Commission") has taken the unprecedented step of singling out two hostile investor countries for Member States to take…

Romain Girard, Neda Moussavi

Fried Frank M&A/PE Quarterly Newsletter, Spring 2022

USA - April 28 2022 In Sorenson Impact Foundation v. Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company (Apr. 1, 2022), computer hackers intercepted the email communications of a…

Amber Banks (Meek), Nathaniel L. Asker, Angela Becker, Bret T. Chrisope, Adam B. Cohen, Andrew J. Colosimo, Steven Epstein, Christopher Ewan, Andrea Gede-Lange, David J. Greenwald, Erica Jaffe, Bernard (Barry) A. Nigro Jr., Arthur Fleischer Jr., Dr. Juergen van Kann, Christian Kleeberg, Randi Lally, Ian Lopez, Mark H. Lucas, Scott B. Luftglass, Brian T. Mangino, Shant P. Manoukian, Dan Oates, Philip Richter, Simon Saitowitz, Steven G. Scheinfeld, Robert C. Schwenkel, David L. Shaw, Peter L. Simmons, Matthew V. Soran, Steven J. Steinman, Roy Tannenbaum, Gail Weinstein, Warren S. de Wied, Maxwell Yim

UK Russia Response: New Law Passed Imposing Strict Liability for Financial Sanctions Breaches by Companies

Russia, United Kingdom - March 21 2022 In response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the UK has rushed through legislation that will make breaches of financial sanctions a strict liability…

James Barratt, Sulman Iqbal, Neda Moussavi

EU and UK's Russia Sanctions: Unprecedented Response to Ukraine Invasion

European Union, Russia - March 14 2022 In response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the EU and UK imposed a series of unprecedented sanctions on Russian individuals and entities. Those…

Romain Girard, Rebecca Ponnuthurai

EU to Prohibit Russian State-Controlled Listings

European Union, Russia, Ukraine - March 1 2022 Following on Russia's invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, the EU has announced a further round of unprecedented sanctions targeting Russia…

Tiana Cherry, Romain Girard, John Satory