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Federal Court Decision in UnitedHealth/Change Highlights Challenges to Antitrust Agencies’ Aggressive Enforcement Agenda: A Win for Merger Remedies and Private Equity Divestiture Buyers

USA - September 23 2022 In a decision issued this week, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia rejected the Department of Justice's request to block…

Nathaniel L. Asker, Bernard (Barry) A. Nigro Jr., Renee E. Turner

FTC/DOJ to Update Merger Guidelines: Request for Comments Reveals Agencies' Expected Approach to Merger Enforcement

USA - January 28 2022 On January 18, 2022, FTC Chair Lina Khan and DOJ Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust Jonathan Kanter jointly announced a review of the 2010…

Nathaniel L. Asker, Nathaniel Bronstein, Bernard (Barry) A. Nigro Jr., Harrisson Kummer, Renee E. Turner

FTC Increases Thresholds for HSR Filings and Interlocking Directorates

USA - January 24 2022 The Federal Trade Commission announced new notification thresholds under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act, effective as of February 23, 2022. The current…

Nathaniel L. Asker, Bernard (Barry) A. Nigro Jr., William Reed

FTC Reasserts "Prior Approval" Policy for Future Acquisitions

USA - November 4 2021 The Federal Trade Commission has reasserted a policy previously abandoned in 1995 to seek to include "prior approval" obligations in merger consent…

Nathaniel L. Asker, Bernard (Barry) A. Nigro Jr., Harrisson Kummer

Change in Approach by FTC Creates New Challenges for M&A Deals

USA - September 27 2021 In a memorandum issued to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) staff last week, Lina Khan, the new Chair of the FTC, indicated that the agency's…

Amber Banks (Meek), Nathaniel L. Asker, Tobias Caspary, Bret T. Chrisope, Andrew J. Colosimo, Steven Epstein, Christopher Ewan, Andrea Gede-Lange, David J. Greenwald, Erica Jaffe, Bernard (Barry) A. Nigro Jr., Arthur Fleischer Jr., Randi Lally, Mark H. Lucas, Scott B. Luftglass, Brian T. Mangino, Shant P. Manoukian, Philip Richter, Steven G. Scheinfeld, Robert C. Schwenkel, David L. Shaw, Peter L. Simmons, Matthew V. Soran, Steven J. Steinman, Roy Tannenbaum, Gail Weinstein, Warren S. de Wied, Maxwell Yim