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Low interest rates threatening an income trust? There is a solution

Canada - April 12 2010 A trustee appointed under a Will must follow strictly the directions given in the Will.

A new entitlement of independent adult children to a share of their parents’ estate?

Canada - October 13 2009 In Ontario freedom of testamentary disposition is restricted by the Succession Law Reform Act.

Can you create an economic disincentive to litigation from beyond the grave?

USA - May 17 2009 In assessing whether to pursue estate litigation, parties must always consider who will pay the resulting legal costs.

Clare Burns, Mandy L. Seidenberg

The duty of an attorney to account

Canada - March 18 2009 As a general rule, a person exercising a power of attorney for property in Ontario has no legal duty to account to anyone other than the grantor of the power, where there are no reasonable grounds to believe the grantor is incapable of managing property.

Lori M. Duffy