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What privilege does a trustee enjoy?

Canada - July 4 2011 The law of Ontario is "reasonably clear" that trustees are under a duty to provide beneficiaries regularly with accurate information, and to make trust documents available for inspection by beneficiaries.

Reverberations for real estate agents

Canada - May 23 2011 What is the duty of a real estate agent to verify the information provided by the vendor of the property to prospective purchasers?

Babies and bath water

Canada - February 7 2011 Mediation is frequently promoted on the ground that it reduces the cost and delay inherent in litigation, and in this way it increases access to justice.

Some further thoughts on costs in estate litigation

Canada - September 14 2010 In the October 2009 edition of Deadbeat, Elizabeth Seo provided a helpful survey of recent costs decisions in estates litigation.

Effective cost management in litigation

Canada - July 30 2010 "I was bankrupt twice in my life. Once when I lost a lawsuit and once when I won one."