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Miramax Sues Quentin Tarantino to Stop Sale of Pulp Fiction NFTs

USA - December 15 2021 Quentin Tarantino—the legendary director behind Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill and Once Upon a Time In Hollywood—is now in the midst of a legal dispute…

Lawrence Veregin

Federal Court of Appeal Affirms Use of Reverse Class Actions For Copyright Infringement Claims

Canada - September 11 2021 On September 8, 2021, the Federal Court of Appeal released its decision in Salna v. Voltage Pictures, LLC, 2021 FCA 176 regarding certification of a…

Lawrence Veregin

The Beginning of the End of Online Piracy in Canada?

Canada - June 7 2021 Under the anonymity of the internet, the worst of humanity is revealed: piracy, defamation, hate speech, privacy violations and harassment flourish…

Lawrence Veregin

The Swiss Shield: A Trademark Registration Is a Defence to Damages Even if Later Invalidated

Canada, Switzerland - December 14 2020 Switzerland's historic neutrality does not extend to the use of its iconic cross. Wenger, the Swiss company behind the legendary "Swiss Army Knife"…

Lawrence Veregin

The Federal Court of Appeal Upholds $640 Million Accounting of Profits Award for Patent Infringement

Canada - September 22 2020 In its recent decision in Nova Chemicals Corporation v. Dow Chemicals Company, 2020 FCA 141, the Federal Court of Appeal clarified…

Lawrence Veregin