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Legislators Jump the Shark: Proposed Reduction of the Criminal Interest Rate Will Have Implications Far Beyond Loansharking

Canada - July 13 2022 On March 22, 2022, Bill S-239, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (criminal interest rate) went to second reading at the Canadian Senate. The Bill…

Jonathan Marun-Batista

Bar Exam Breach: Law Society of Ontario Moves Ahead With Claim While Affected Candidates Are Left on Outside Looking In

Canada - June 17 2022 On May 25, 2022, following months of investigation, the Law Society of Ontario (“LSO”) announced that it had commenced an action against Aamer…

Hannah Downard

Treat Other Counsel How You Wish to Be Treated: The Rules Versus the Golden Rule

Canada - November 30 2021 When a plaintiff serves a statement of claim, the Rules of Civil Procedure (the “Rules”) require that a defendant must serve a statement of defence…

Simon Dugas