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Government of Ontario Extends “COVID-19 Period” Until July 3, 2021

Canada - December 22 2020 Background Back in May, in response to the enormous economic impact of COVID-19 on both employers and employees alike, the Ontario government passed…

Lorenzo Lisi

The First Step to Protecting Your Brand in Canada

Canada - November 13 2020 Establishing and protecting your brand and goodwill is crucial to your success as you expand into Canada. One of the most important first steps is to…

Aaron Baer, R. Grant Cansfield

Are Employees Entitled to Incentive Payments During the Notice Period?

Canada - October 19 2020 The Supreme Court of Canada’s recent unanimous decision in the case of Matthews v. Ocean Nutrition Canada Ltd., 2020 SCC 26…

Lorenzo Lisi

Legislative Requirements for Ontario Workplaces

Canada - October 9 2020 Employers in Ontario are subject to a number of workplace requirements, including health and safety, accessibility and equal rights. For businesses…

Aaron Baer, Matthew Patterson

Pathway to Canadian Immigration: Why Purchasing an Existing Canadian Business May Be Right for You

Canada - October 9 2020 Canada offers many benefits for immigrants, including a high standard of living, an advanced economy and a culture that is…

Aaron Baer, Matthew Patterson