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Automobile insurer who assumes liability under contract of insurance for storage fees is subrogated to the rights of its insured

Canada - February 14 2017 An automobile insurer that provides coverage for vehicle storage fees is a “person lawfully entitled” to apply for relief under section 24 of the…

David Pilley

Ontario judge dismisses liability insurance claim determining that possessory rights to chattels do not constitute property

Canada - February 14 2017 Possessory rights to chattels do not constitute property within the meaning of section 132(1), R.S.O. 1990, c. I.8. [2016] O.J. No. 6016 2016 ONSC…

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MacPherson v. White

Canada - August 23 2016 A plaintiff's insurer may be added as a party to a tort action where the tortfeasor's insurance limits will likely be insufficient, and the plaintiff…

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Zheng v. John Galon Insurance Services Ltd

Canada - August 23 2016 Where an insurance application specifically asks whether an insured property will have renters or tenants, and the insured answers 'no,' an insured…

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Hojjatian v. Intact Insurance Co

Canada - June 21 2016 Water damage caused by water seeping through the foundational walls of an insured's property was outside the scope of the insured's "water escape"…

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