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Stolen ATV covered for SABS benefits under umbrella policy of priority insurer

Canada - May 9 2017 An insurer who acquired ownership of a stolen ATV was obliged to provide statutory accident benefits under the Ontario Statutory Accident Benefits…

Michael Robinson

Co-insured’s misrepresentations did not affect an innocent co-insured’s ability to claim under the policy

Canada - May 9 2017 A misrepresentation by one co‑insured under s.554 of the Insurance Act, RSA 2000, c I‑3, does not affect an innocent co-insured's interests because…

Aaron Atkinson

Policy no longer in existence when fire caused significant damage to business premises

Canada - May 9 2017 The wording "post office to which it is addressed" in statutory condition 5(5) of the Insurance Act, RSA 2000, c. I 3, s. 549, is not ambiguous; the…

Aaron Atkinson

Small portion of fees claimed is awarded to insureds as the only issue in dispute was the reasonableness of fees

Canada - May 9 2017 The insurers were ordered to pay the insureds' legal fees after acknowledging a duty to defend despite the fact that the fees incurred were almost…

Michael Robinson

BCSC exercises its discretion to award costs on a full indemnity basis in LTD insurance dispute

Canada - March 14 2017 The plaintiff insured was awarded solicitor-client costs against the defendant disability....

Kora Paciorek