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Il était une fois dans l’Ouest : Redwater, son syndic et le shérif de l’environnement

Canada - March 1 2019 Dans un arrêt du 31 janvier 2019, la Cour suprême ordonne qu’une société pétrolière faillie s'acquitte d’abord de ses obligations de remise en état…

Jean-Yves Simard, Alexandra Belley-McKinnon, Daniel Bouchard

Once Upon a Time in the West: Redwater, its Trustee, and the Environmental Arm of the Law

Canada - March 1 2019 In a decision handed down on January 31, 2019, the Supreme Court ordered that a bankrupt oil and gas company fulfil its obligation to reclaim…

Jean-Yves Simard, Alexandra Belley-McKinnon, Daniel Bouchard

The Superior Court of Québec analyses the exception allowing the use of a work protected by copyright for the purpose of news reporting

Canada - November 6 2017 In Cedrom-SNi inc. v. Dose Pro inc. ("Cedrom-SNi"), the Superior Court of Québec rendered a decision which, although issued at the…

Sylvain Pierrard

The Supreme Court clarifies the circumstances in which the director of a corporation can be held personally liable for oppression

Canada - October 17 2017 While the Canada Business Corporations Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. C-44 ("CBCA") is silent on the circumstances that will result in a director's personal…

Marie Cossette

Drone operators, do you know the rules?

USA - November 22 2016 Drones, also known as "UAVs" (for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) have become more popular in Quebec over the past few years. From the surveillance of…

Charlotte Fortin