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Gadens Connect | 2021 Edition Four

Australia - December 9 2021 In this edition of Gadens Connect, our team provides an overview of key performance indicators as a result of a COVID hold; an update on the new…

Susan Forrest, Dean Hely, Sean Huggins, Fidelis McGarrigan, James Roland, Barbara-Ann Sim, Malcolm Watson

Reducing IDR timeframes and improving internal reporting for the financial services sector

Australia - September 15 2021 ASIC’s new Regulatory Guide 271 comes into effect on 5 October, covering new expanded IDR requirements that seek to address ASIC’s long-standing…

Trish Kastanias

Gadens connect | 2021 edition three

Australia - August 2 2021 39.44% of the portfolio remains on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We expect this number to increase over the coming months due to potential holds…

Susan Forrest, Dean Hely, Fidelis McGarrigan, James Roland, Malcolm Watson

Impact on mortgagees of a bankruptcy trustee’s disclaimer of mortgaged land

Australia - July 22 2021 A mortgagee may be faced with a situation where the mortgagor becomes bankrupt and the trustee, in which the property then vests, disclaims the…

Annette Gaber

Gadens Connect | 2021 Edition One

Australia, United Kingdom, USA - February 15 2021 Welcome to our first edition for 2021. What a different festive season it was for most of us - some endured lockdown, others had travel plans…

Susan Forrest, Dean Hely, Fidelis McGarrigan, James Roland