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Corruption and Integrity Update - October 2022

Australia - November 3 2022 This month's Corruption and Integrity Update considers the progress made towards the National-Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), including where…

Angela Szczepanski

Queensland Occupational and Professional Disciplinary Update

Australia - October 19 2022 The end of September saw the tabling of a series of Annual Reports to the Queensland Parliament. Within these reports were details from the various…

Corruption & Integrity Update - September 2022

Australia - October 6 2022 This month's Corruption & Integrity Update contains a summary of the keenly-awaited National Anti-Corruption Commission Bill, details on the proposed…

Angela Szczepanski

Corruption and Integrity Update - Updates from the ALRC, Legal Affairs and Safety Committee, as well as Carne v CCC

Australia - September 6 2022 This month’s edition of the Corruption and Integrity Update considers the Australian Law Reform Commission’s (ALRC) report, Without Fear or Favour:…

Angela Szczepanski

Cross border insolvencies - Federal Court makes life easier for liquidators and creditors of New Zealand construction company

Australia, New Zealand - August 19 2022 In Kellow, Re Advanced Building & Construction Ltd (In Liq) v Advanced Building & Construction Ltd (In Liq) (No 2) (Kellow) the Court considered…