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New tribunal compensation limits

USA - April 30 2014 The annual increases in compensation took effect on 6 April 2014. The most notable changes are as follows: The limit on a week's pay for the purposes...

Alex Denny, Victoria FitzGerald.

High Court redrafts covenant to make it enforceable

United Kingdom - April 30 2014 In Prophet plc v Huggett 2014 EWHC 615 (Ch), the High Court redrafted a 12 month non-compete covenant in order to make it enforceable. Mr Huggett...

Alex Denny, Victoria FitzGerald.

Statutory sick pay can no longer be reclaimed

United Kingdom - April 30 2014 Since 6 April 2014, employers can no longer reclaim statutory sick pay (SSP) from the UK Government. Previously, they had been able to reclaim any...

Alex Denny, Victoria FitzGerald.

Mandatory settlement discussions

United Kingdom - March 31 2014 Important new rules come into force on 6 April 2014 which will require the parties to a dispute to try to settle through Acas, the UK conciliation...

Alex Denny, Victoria FitzGerald.

Significant drop in Tribunal claims

United Kingdom - March 31 2014 Recently published Tribunal statistics show a 79 drop in the number of Tribunal claims brought during a three month period in 2013 since the...

Alex Denny, Victoria FitzGerald.