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German Antitrust Authority Finds Antitrust Infringement on the Basis of a Data Protection Breach

Germany - February 7 2019 The German antitrust authority (FCO) has ordered Facebook to stop collecting data outside Facebook's platform without the user's "voluntary consent."…

Marjolein De Backer, Timothy C. Blank, Alec Burnside, Olaf Fasshauer, Prof. Dr. Hans Jürgen Meyer-Lindemann, Clemens Graf York von Wartenburg

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity: Developments We're Watching For in 2019

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - January 31 2019 The year 2018 was significant for developments related to privacy and cybersecurity law and policy. Many of these developments - concerns about facial…

Marjolein De Backer, Ben Barnett, Alec Burnside, Olaf Fasshauer, Paul Kavanagh, Gregory P. Luib, Jennifer McGrandle, Sophie Montagne, Joshua H. Rawson, Madeleine White, Jeremy B. Zucker

Privacy of Cell Location Data - Analysis of Carpenter Decision

USA - July 25 2018 In a closely watched decision, the United States Supreme Court recently held in Carpenter v. United States1 that government prosecutors must seek…

Ben Barnett, Craig J. Castiglia

Forecasting the Impact of the New U.S. CLOUD Act

European Union, USA - April 12 2018 The CLOUD Act resolves the central issue in United States v. Microsoft—U.S. law enforcement agencies now have explicit legal authority to obtain…

Ben Barnett, Jeffrey A. Brown, Olaf Fasshauer, Theodore Yale

US Court Shields Google from Canadian Court Order in Search Delisting Dispute

Canada, USA - November 20 2017 In Google LLC v. Equustek Solutions Inc.,1 a United States district court enjoined the enforcement of an order by the Supreme Court of Canada that…

Theodore Yale