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SEC Reported to Add Another Dimension to its Cryptocurrency Enforcement Push: Insider Trading

USA - July 5 2022 According to media reports who have spoken to individuals with firsthand knowledge of the situation, the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”)…

Andrew S. Boutros, Andrew J. Schaffer, Jay Schleppenbach, Timothy Spangler

Showdown at the Fifth Circuit Corral—Panel Rules SEC Home-Court Proceedings Violate Multiple Constitutional Provisions

USA - May 25 2022 The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit issued a major decision on May 18, 2022 holding Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC or…

Catherine Botticelli, Eric Auslander, Steven A. Engel, Anthony S. Kelly, Michael H. McGinley

What Did the DOL Just “Rollover” (and Roll Out)? - “A Primary Basis” for Understanding the New Proposed ERISA Exemption and Related Guidance

USA - July 16 2020 The U.S. Department of Labor (the “DOL”) on June 29, 2020 issued a release (the “Release”) proposing an important new initiative for retirement…

Andrew H. Braid, K. Susan Grafton, Andrew L. Oringer, Steven Rabitz

For Whom the Bell Thole(s) - Supreme Court Holds that Fiduciaries Under ERISA-Covered Pension Plans May Be Constitutionally Shielded

USA - June 1 2020 Under a DB plan, unlike a defined contribution (individual account) plan (e.g., a “401(k) plan”), a participant is pro…

David A. Kotler, Andrew L. Oringer, Steven Rabitz

FRBNY Further Revises TALF 2.0 FAQs; SEC Issues No-Action Relief for Registered Fund and BDC Participants

USA - May 26 2020 As market participants prepare for the launch of the latest version of the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (“TALF”) program (“TALF 2.0”)…

Linda Ann Bartosch, Elliott R. Curzon, David J. Harris, Matthew R. Hays, Richard Horowitz, Brian Love, Ralph R. Mazzeo, Sarah E. Milam, Brenden P.Carroll, Timothy Spangler